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Perfect for Butchers, Meat Packers, Jerky & Small Goods Producer, Fish / Squid / Calamari Slicing

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ROVTEX fresh meat slicer is a powerful heavy duty machine.
It suits large butcher shop, meat wholesaler, meat or fish processing business.
The slicer also could be used in any other businesses where uniform cutting / slicing of soft material is required
Fresh Meat Slicer | Commercial meat strip cutter

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Model RMS1010 RMS1020
Motor 400W, 240V/50Hz 750W, 240V/50Hz (standard spec)
750W, 415V/50hz,3P (optional)
Cutting space, mm (to be pre-set at the factory) 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, etc 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, etc
Blade diameter, mm 170 mm 210 mm
Inlet capacity, mm WH 250 x 75 250 x 90
Dimensions,mm  WLH 520911470 51511201010
Weight, kg 65 115
In-conveyor, cm W x L 250 X 385 250 X 385
Out-conveyor, cm W x L 250 X 435 250 X 800
Price, ex Sydney warehouse, USD, excluding GST* USD11'400* USD15'900*
Additional set of knives, USD, excluding GST* USD2'340* USD3'050*
Delivery time 1-8 weeks 1-8 weeks
Packaging Wooden Box Wooden Box

*) Reference price only, subject to exchange rates and freight cost variations

Fresh meat slicer packaged in export wooden box RMS1020 in export packaging


additional sets of knives for fresh meat slicer A cassette of knives


Fresh meat slicer from ROVTEX.
A must have business tool for medium to large butcher shops,
meat processing factory, squid / cuttlefish / calamari processing lines.
See how the slicer does the hard job, saving you time and reducing the costs

To order one of ROVTEX fresh meat slicers,
please send us email request
Our sales representative will contact you

Steak Slicer
Commercial Fresh Meat Slicer
Steaks and Jerky
Fresh liver slicer 
The machine can slice fresh meat to
steaks, meat strips, diced meat with
up to 400 kg/h production
Slicing fresh squid to squid rings, calamari rings,
fresh fish slices and cuttlefish rings
ROVTEX RMS-1020 Fresh Meat Slicer
How to Use and Operate in Less then 4 Minutes
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