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Basic tips and recommendations how to make excellent sausages

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All equipment you need to make good sausage is a meat grinder with a sausage filling nozzle. If you do not have a grinder, you can purchase ground meat from your local butcher, but then you'd need a sausage filler to stuff the casings.


  • Fresh meat with proper lean-to-fat ratio. Look for at least 20% fat content for juicy and tasty sausages
  • Spices
  • Cure, such as sodium nitrite, Freeze Em Pickle, Tender Quick or saltpeter. Check gourmet food stores. Many of these will sell prepackaged mixes that also have appropriate spices to make preserved meat tasty
  • Casings can be purchased from local butcher. The natural sausage casings are made from sheep (lamb), beef or pig intestines and come in different lengths. Lamb casings tend to be slightly thinner and break more easily. You can purchase thick or thin casings. Artificial casings are also available
  • Liquid smoke can be added to give the smoky flavor desired, or you may add some cooked, smoked product like bacon to produce the smoky flavor
  • Meat mince. When making sausages, you can either make your own mince or buy it. If you decide to buy ready-made mince, look for a regular grade with some fat. Lean mince does not contain enough fat for sausages. 
    Making your own mince gives you full control over the amount of fat the sausages contain.

Making sausages

Grinding and Mixing

Keep meat and mixture temperature as low as possible

  • Grind the meat coarsely. Using spices salt and water make a slurry and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix thoroughly
  • Grind it again with finer cutting plate. Second grinding improves the uniformity of the product by distributing the ingredients evenly

Stuffing sausages

  • Soak required amount of natural casing in cold water for 30-45 minutes and run water inside the casing to flush out salt. Drain before stuffing
  • Attach the appropriate size sausage nozzle to the appliance - meat mincer or a sausage stuffer
  • Slide the entire casing over the sausage funnel, and leave a little bit sticking over the end/hole of the funnel
  • Start filling. The trick is to slide the casing off of the funnel, at the exact time the meat comes out.
  • It is important to let the air out of the end of the casing, or through the air-exhaust valve in the sausage filler piston
  • After determining the length of sausage that you want, simply twist the casing, and this will give you your separate links
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