Meat Grinder #12 | Stainless steel commercial meat grinders

State-of-art commercial meat grinder with sausage filling accessories and full set of cutting plates

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Food processing equipment

Spare parts

commercial meat grinder

Forward / reverse option
Mirror polished stainless steel body
Stainless steel head, worm, plates and knives
Meets - European Standard Quality Requirements

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ModelPower supplyPowerSize, mmWeight, kgOutput
TC-12HB240V, 50HZ550 Watt = 0.75 hp460X320X49027120 kg/hour
Commercial meat grinders HB series
efficient operation, clever design, strong and beautiful

meat grinder power unit

  • Meets - European Quality Standard
  • Back to Base 12 months warranty
    (customer pays for the freight both ways)
  • Spare parts and extra accessories are available
  • Detachable power cord
  • Balanced handle - convenient to move around
  • Forward / Reverse feature
  • Compact and powerful
  • Mirror polished stainless steel body - Easy to keep clean
  • Stainless steel T-head
    Mouth dia 57mm,  Knife is 63mm,  Plate dia 70 mm
Meat grinder TC-12HB
Standard accessories that come with grinder
  • plunger
  • one X knife
  • two cutting plates
    6 mm
    7.5 mm
  • sausage stuffing nozzle

Extra knives and plates are available and could be ordered separately

commercial meat grinder accessories. Standard set

Optional parts and accessories for meat mincers #12
Optional parts for meat grinder #12 could be ordered from our
Parts and Accessories section
  • X knives
  • cutting plates: 3.5mm, 9mm
  • sausage stuffing nozzles

meat grinder knife
meat grinderplate

Attachments for TC-12HB meat grinder
Patty maker / burger press
Patty maker / burger press

with set of adapters for use with different size mincers / sausage fillers
Meat mixer attachment
Meat mixer

20L meat mixer can run as an attachment or just using handle
Meat tenderizer
Meat tenderizer

can run as an attachment or just using handle
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Food processing equipment

Spare parts

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